Novalic: Government of FB&H is not in a Crisis, Rebalance of the Budget in 15 Days

Fadil Novalić Announcement faktor.baPrime Minister of the Federal Government, Fadil Novalic, said yesterday that there is no crisis in the Government of that BH entity, because it has all technical conditions for an intensive work which it is conducting, but that there is a crisis of the parliamentary majority in the Federation of B&H.

He added that coalition partners are working on that issue.

Novalic announced the re-balance of the entity budget in the next 15 days, primarily because of the approval of 20 million BAM for a stimulus of the first employment until the new year.

He explained that those 20 million will be ensured through certain savings.

He confirmed that there is a “shortfall“ of 200 million BAM in the entity budget because, the funds from the International Monetary  Fund were not withdrawn, and they were planned by the budget frame.

He emphasized that incomes from collected taxes are a bit more favorable, which is relaxing the situation, but, as he emphasized, they are negotiating about finding a necessary funds.

(Source: klix.ba)

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