Novalic: 252 Million BAM in the Budget are for Capital Investments

Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) Fadil Novalic, expressed hope that the budget for 2018 would be adopted in the Federal Parliament, especially because of the fact that ten percent of the budget, or 252 million BAM, is planned for capital investments.

The proposal of the FBiH Budget Law will be discussed by the representatives of the Federal House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament at a session scheduled for tomorrow, and Novalic reminds that a number of remarks on the Draft Budget have been considered in the most important financial document.

In construction of the roads, an investment of 183 million BAM is planned, and as another reason why the budget should be adopted is the agreement that was signed with the fighters and whose realization can only be guaranteed by adopting the budget.

Novalic recalled that the federal budget depends on 39 percent of the revenues in the FBiH and that many social categories of population, depend on it, and other things such as health and education, as well as capital investments are at canton level which get 52 percent of the revenues.

“The Federation as a legislator is important for economy and society in general, but less as a budget actor, because out of 7.8 billion BAM which are the budgets of all authority levels in FBiH, 2.75 billion BAM are federal. Out of that amount, 1.8 billion BAM is intended for loan repayment, “ explained Novalic.

The Federal Prime Minister reminded that the adoption of the set of the Excise Law provides further infrastructure construction, adding that the intention is to raise economic growth by 3.2 percent to 4.5 percent and announce that next year it will be worked on increasing exports from BiH, which is this year increased by 1 billion BAM.

He recalled that 2018 was an election year, and expressed concern about issues that are difficult to resolve in non-elective years, such as issues related to amendments of the Constitution or “Dayton II.”


(Source: Akta.ba)

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