Novak: Media Education in Order to Reduce the Digital Gap

BarbaraNovakModern information and communications technologies provide great opportunities for the exchange of information and therefore, it is necessary to make them available to everyone equally, even through their use and availability go ‘hand in hand’ with the economic development of a country, said city hall council member and spokesperson in the Vienna provincial parliament Barbara Novak to Fena. In the Parliament, she is in charge of information and communication technology, and is responsible for advanced infrastructure and content projects, broadband Internet networks and innovative information-technology applications in Vienna.

During a recent visit to Sarajevo, she spoke about the development of information and Internet infrastructure and how this difference exists in Austria, and said that the picture is worse in Austrian villages in comparison to urban centers.

But the importance of modern communication technologies was exceptionally illustrated by the use of mobile phones during the Arab Spring, through which important information arrived.

(Source: Fena; Photo: Fena)

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