Norway is Helping the BiH Constitutional Court

pravosuđeThe Kingdom of Norway gave the BiH Constitutions Court a grant of 196.500 euros. The contract for the grant was signed today by the Ambassador of Norway to BiH Vibeke Lilloe and the President of the BiH Constitutional Court Valerija Galić.

At the press conference, it was said that the grant would be used for 2013-2014. The funds will be used to create a system for managing cases in the BiH Constitutional Court, development of a website, purchase of computer equipment and a license for software and training of research assistance at the European Court of Human Rights.

“In BiH, a country in transition, there are still deep conflicts, so the role of the Constitutional Court was and will remain of particular importance, as an institution that serves the stabilization and preservation of the state. The Court is the most prominent state institution that provides protection to citizens, defending their human rights, and especially those that are prescribed in the European Convention on Human Rights’’, said Lilloe.

The President of the BiH Constitutional Court said that the first tranche grant of 99.000 euros will be paid this year. The next payment of the remainder of the grant will occur after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway receives and approves the interim report and project accounts.

“With this grant, we will have completed the informative technological system. This would contribute to more efficiency and timely work of the Court and reduce the number of unresolved cases, especially appeals. Gradually, we would reduce the number of unresolved cases, those that have the most appeals’’, said Galić.

This is the first grant that Norway has given to the Court of BIH. This friendly country otherwise gave a number of grants and donations to courts throughout BiH.

“Our main partner through which Norway lends assistance to the judiciary in BiH is the High Judicial Prosecutorial Council. In this sense, Norway helped in the adaptation of the buildings of several courts. We are offering help to the FBIH and to the RS’’, said Ambassador Lilloe.

(Source: Fena)

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