Nobel Prize in Literature winner Orhan Pamuk revealed his Life Story in Sarajevo

A public conversation with the Nobel Prize in Literature winner Orhan Pamuk was held in Armed Forces in Sarajevo on Tuesday evening and organized by the Buybook publishing house.

Pamuk was talking mainly about his beginnings in the world of literature and what made him to start writing. As he said, every writer writes about the people he knows, their experiences, stories, life.

His works are written by hand. He needed to be an engineer or a painter, but he chose a job where there will be no boss, but he did not have supreme authority and complete independence.

“Many people asked me if I was obsessed with Istanbul, I was in love with him, but I’m actually writing about people in Istanbul, about the humanity, about the events, I’m not writing about Istanbul,” he said.

Pamuk shared many anecdotes, but also details of life like the relationship with his father, whom he said was highly appreciated.

He also talked about the fact that Turkey has been knocking on the doors of the European Union for 12 years, but nobody opened it.

“Turkey does not meet the conditions required for it, there is no freedom of speech, everyone who writes against the government will be locked up, and journalists and writers, how can you be angry at the European Union when you lock up the writers? What we want is democracy. The country is in fear. All those who criticize the government end up in jail. I’m angry about it,” he Turkish Nobel Prize winner concluded, News Agency Patria reports.

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