There is no Place like BiH! Where people work less and live better

Krunoslav fenaIn the last few years, in BiH and countries of the region, a trend of a large number of young people leaving to foreign countries, primarily to Austria and Germany is evident.

According to youth, the main reason for leaving BiH is because many people imagine that the life in the foreign countries is ideal and that one needs to go there and just grab the money. This trend is evident in the municipality Prozor-Rama in BiH, where a lot of young people emigrated to Austria and Germany.

Two young men, returnees to the village Dubo in Prozor-Rama, speak about how the things are not ideal in the foreign countries.

With the huge optimism and faith in their families and home place, Josip and Krunoslav Andričić, returnees, with a smile on their faces are doing what the truly love. Their parents, Gojko and Zora are proud of their sons.

With a distinct pride, Krunoslav showed us his horse, and Josip looked like as he can talk with every fiber of this country covered with white, snow cover.

“Young people are leaving BiH and they cannot see its true beauty. They cannot see that there is no place as BiH, where people work less and live better. I live here with my family, we have a small family farm, around thirty sheep, six goats and four cows, we have planted 4 acres of raspberries that will be ready for selling this year. Municipality Prozor-Rama has given us the support for raspberries”, says Josip.

When asked about how neighbors and peers view their attitudes, Josip says that they may perceive it as that they are old fashioned.

“We believe that we are ahead of the time. We love our country and we want to live here. Nowadays, young people want to get rich overnight, but it is not how it works. Everything has to go slowly. I worked in Croatia and Montenegro and in the end, I realized that it is the best to be one’s own boss and to live in one’s homeland. There is no better life than the one in BiH”, Josip is certain.

Josip’s profession is a construction technician, while Krunoslav is a  plumber, but they do all the construction work by themselves, from brickwork to the facade.

“I am a plumber and I would do that job if I get the opportunity. However, I would rather have a small stable of horses, because I like horses. That would be a dream come true for me”, says Krunoslav through an optimistic smile.

When asked what about his lifestyle and attitudes of colleagues and friends, James says that his friends’ priorities are nightclubs and expensive cars, but that he respects their choice.

“I prefer to do something here. In my opinion, one should go out with friends, but it may not be always in the forefront. Maybe someone saw us different from others, but this does not interest us. This is our lifestyle, we love it and we love our family”, concludes Josip.

Their older brother Kristijan is currently working in Croatia, but his efforts are also to return to Dubo, and to make a bigger family farm, together with his brothers.

(Source: avaz)


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