No Information on any Citizens of BiH as Victims in the Attack in Muenster

The Ambassador of BiH to Germany Zeljko Janjetovic stated that there is no information that BH citizens were among the killed and injured victims in the attack that took place in the German city of Muenster.

Ambassador Janjetovic added that it is still too early to talk about final information, but that the most important thing is that the diplomatic-consular office in Frankfurt is in direct contact with the local police in Muenster.

“Our representative office will receive complete information regarding the names and qualification of this attack in about an hour. It has not been confirmed as terrorist attack yet, but there are certain indications that it is going in that direction,” stated Janjetovic.

To recall, Jens R. from Germany drove van into the garden of a restaurant in that city. He killed at least three people and injured 30 people, after which he committed suicide.

Although it was announced that this most probably was not a terrorist attack and that the attacker had some mental issues, some new information indicated that there is a possibility that Jens R. was associated with certain radical groups.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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