On the Night of 17th/18th April ’92: Action “Pretis” was Crucial for the Defense of Sarajevo

pretis1On the night of 17th to 18th April 1992, the action “Pretis”, which is considered as crucial for the defense of Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, was carried out.

The Special Unit of the MIA of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, around 30 of them, organized with the help of the joint units of territorial defense the removal of weapons from the factory “Pretis” in Vogošća.

In a very well-organized action, without firing a shot from 3 to 5 am, SWAT team of Dragan Vikić and Kemal Ademovic took out 1100 antitank rockets and a truck of mortar shells that will later show to be crucial for the defense of the city.

In the general uproar that reigned in the city and due to poor connection system and coordination of the defenders of the city, Safet Hadžić decided to extract more weapons with his group the next day, on April 18th, before the JNA and SDS formations completely close the encirclement around Sarajevo.

Not knowing that Serbian forces have already occupied the factory “Pretis”, a group of armed members of the Patriotic League and members of the Territorial Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina started off to Vogošća in a van.

Safet was unarmed. When they reached the gate, they were pelted with gunfire. Safet was the first one to be hit.

Sead Velić, Nermin Zeljković, Fahrudin Čavčić, Almir Islamović and Senad Čirić also lost their lives in this action.

In the immediate vicinity of their death, at the entrance to the “Pretis” factory, a monument was built in honor to Safet Hadžić and his fellow fighters. A monument in front of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo was also built in honor of Safet Hadžić.

(Source: nap.ba)

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