Nezir Begić designed the Mobile App Zenica 360

zenica-360Nezir Begić, a young man from Kakanj and a member of the team Frame Production, has been working recently on designing a complete user interface design for the Android app Zenica 360, with follow-up materials for branding and marketing.

Zenica 360 is a useful app for citizens of Zenica and citizens of neighboring places who often visit this city.

“This app provides an overview of all business, sports, recreational, cultural, historical and other facilities in the city, with their virtual presentations and other information,” said Nezir Begić.

Through the application, users can follow the current events in the city and receive notifications about them.

Those who visit Zenica often or study there could find it quite useful to have this app installed and keep up the pace with the latest events.

“In cooperation with the company E Design from Zenica, which is the project holder, Frame Production soon intends to do a similar project for Kakanj. Expect news from Kakanj 360 team,” Begić added.

Take a look at the app presentation here.

You can download the app here.

(Source: akta.ba)

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