Next Week “Days of Organic Products ZDK 2013”

zdrava_hrana_982164664The alliance of associations of organic producers of Federation of B&H (FB&H Organic) in September will continue its promotional activities in order to inform the public on the importance of sustainable development of the organic production and the need for consumption of organic products.

“Within the Days of organic production ZDK 2013 we will prepare the event in Visoko on 9th September and on 10th and 11th September of this year in Zenica. It will participate 35 to 40 exhibitors”, said for Fena the President of the Organic Alliance of FB&H Sejad Herceg.

According to him, in the offer will be organic products preserved and from range of fruits, vegetables, a variety of products made ​​from herbs, jams, juices, chutney and other products.

Herceg said through such event wants to show that in the area of organic production there are great potentials that can improve the situation in these areas through employment and self-employment. Also, he wants to bring the organic products closer to the consumers and to emphasize the importance of their consumption.

Also, the Organic FB&H in Travnik, on 12th September will organize the Fair youth health through organic production.

“With the Fair we want to associate organic farming with health and youth health. It is important to have a healthy environment and we will have a healthy young generation”, stressed Herceg.


(Source: Fena)

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