News about Bosnians and Hajji from Nigeria marked year 2017 (VIDEO)

March 21, 2018 3:30 PM

The match between BiH and Nigeria at the World Cup in Brazil, at which was annulled the goal scored by BH selection because of non-existing offside, will remain the eternal affliction of all football fans in BiH.

However, as citizens of BiH usually turn almost everything into a joke, thus one group of citizens of BiH who traveled to Saudi Arabia last year to perform Hajj decided to joke around with a friend from Nigeria, whom they met in Medina.

Namely, they talked about the match of their football selections at the World Championship and then Nigerian hajji admitted that there was “no offside”.

Take a look at this video and their funny conversation.

#PRIZNANJEJos jedno priznanje dolazi iz Nigerije 🙂 Naime, covjek se osvrnuo na utakmicu sa Svjetskog prvenstva, BiH – Nigerija, u kojoj nam je ponisten cist gol 🙂 I kao sto sam kaze, "nije bio opsajd" …

Posted by Aldin Kajmakovic on 19. August 2017


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