New Year’s Eve in Mostar Finally Outdoors

mostarUnlike in previous years, citizens of Mostar will celebrate this New Year’s eve in the open, under a tent in middle of the city (behind the building of designers and Shopping mall Mostar). Saša Roter and his friends took care of everything.

According to Roter, B&H bands -Zoster and Mustang will entertain the audience.

“We decided for a tent because we are afraid of rain, and we have organized the earlier Winter City in the same place”, said Roter, adding that the demand for participation is huge and the tent can accommodate about 1500 people.

The entrance ticket is 10 BAM in which is included one drink, and throughout the evening visitors can enjoy Mexican food, barbeque and various drinks that will be placed in surrounding stands.

Roter points out that many sponsors have helped to organize this event and Coca-Cola is the main sponsor. This project received the support of Tourists community HNŽ and Mostar city, which provided the stands.

New Year’s eve in Mostar will be organized in all famous city clubs and in many cafes.

Considering that in previous years Mostar did not celebrate New Year’s eve outdoors, many citizens of Mostars have been going mostly in Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Split, so they are very exited to celebrate this time in Mostar outdoors.

(Source: klix.ba)

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