A New Year’s Eve Celebration in Sarajevo is in front of the SCC

The location of the New Year’s Celebration in Sarajevo has changed. Instead of the first option to organize celebration in front of the Eternal Flame, it was decided that it would be in front of the Sarajevo City Center, Erna Colic, Public Relations Counselor of Abdulah Skaka, confirmed for

Colic told that this was decided because they expect a large number of visitors, and in their opinion, the space in front of the SCC is a better location for that occasion.

We remind everyone who decides to spend the New Year holidays in the open air in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be welcomed by the regional music star Zdravko Colic in the craziest night.

The Sarajevo Philharmonic will perform on December 30th , and in the night of the first of January, band “Crvena Jabuka” will perform in Sarajevo.



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