New Year celebration in Brčko

An Open Air New Year celebration will be organized at the Youth Square in Brčko. The sponsor of this event is the Government of Brčko Districts in B&H. Within the four hour program, that will start at 21:00 p.m. and last till 01:00 a.m., a lot of band from Brčko as well as other singers, DJ’s and ”Brčko tamburaši” will perform for all guests.

The Open Air New Year celebration will host the performance of “Binarni Kod”,  “Domino Efekat”, Dance school “Mambo,  evergreen due Emina Hajdarević and Ernad Osmić, hip hop band “Stay Positive” , Majo Maglov and “Mastermind band”, Mejdi and Fatmir Sulejmani ,”Brčko tamburaši”,  Aleksandra Lizdek,   Arman Morankić and DJ Eldar Begić.

The Open Air New Year concert is being organized by the Government of Brčko District for the first time since the foundation of the District. The program will be reported live on the channel of BCD TV station.

All guests at the Open Air New Year celebration will have free tea and coffee.


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