New Virus threatens Businesses in BiH

hacker-attackIn early May, a total of 185,000 computers in around 100 countries all around the world became the target of hazardous WannaCryptor virus, with which was jeopardized the privacy and damage worth millions was caused to companies whose computers got infected with this virus.

“This problem is also reflected on our country as well as the regional countries since companies and institutions have equal chances to get infected by these malicious viruses. Spreading of the virus is largely facilitated by the use of illegal software and antivirus programs that do not contain latest updates,” said specialist for software at IMTEC Solutions, Ahmed Alic.

Alic added that the consequences of these viruses could be catastrophic. Primarily, this refers to the loss of important data of companies, which can result in great financial costs.

The virus is programmed with the basic aim of encrypting access to all information and documents on the infected device, along with requesting the ransom in order for the stolen data to be available again.

“We are talking about 300 USD per infected device, which ultimately can represent an enormous amount for some companies. Moreover, there are confidential data that users can easily lose as well, regardless of the required ransom payment,” noted Alic.

All users are advised to update their operating systems and antivirus programs as soon as possible. If you are using illegal antivirus programs, this kind of attack is the last warning to switch to legal solutions along with “Zero time protection” in order to prevent any potential damage.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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