New tourist guide and the new cultural-historical routes of the City of Sarajevo

”Sarajevo on the intersection of the world” is a new tourist product of the two- year collaboration between the Foundation ”Mozaik” and the teams of tourist experts and cultural institutions of the City of Sarajevo.

The promotion of the tourist guide and the cultural-historical route of the City of Sarajevo was held within the Sarajevo Holiday Market. The visitors have experienced the first virtual walk through Sarajevo and enjoyed in three virtual routes: coexistence, time travelling, art and architecture.

The interesting element of the promoted guide is its form of a map with information about three aforementioned cultural and historical routes. By scanning the QR code that is on the map, every user is redirected to a web site www.tourist.ba, which works as an online tourist guide with all detailed information about the aforementioned ”street view” maps.


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