New Tourist Complex to be built near Kozara Mountain


By adoption of a plan for the location of Rastican in the Kozara National Park, Prijedor city authorities have approved the construction of a new tourist complex on Kozara Mountain, on more than ten hectares near the Mrakovica memorial area, Sarajevo-construction portal reports.

According to the plan, a five-star boutique hotel with bungalows and accommodation facilities for health tourism will be built. In addition, facility and bungalows, as well as the construction of open sports grounds, children’s playgrounds, roads, parking and bicycle, pedestrian and trim trails.

“Since it is a new resort, all activities of designing and building content should provide a unique and recognizable visual identity that will be reflected in the recognizable design style and choice of materials both for building an object and for outdoor decoration,” was stated in the plan.

On an altitude of 660 to 760 meters, the area provides the benefits of a mountain climate at various seasons, and a variety of forests suitable for various recreational activities.

The construction of a complex of sports and recreational and health tourism was initiated by the investor Dusko Saganovic from Prijedor.

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