The New Tourist Attraction in Mostar on the Former Line of Separation?

mostar 1With the official putting into operation of lifts and a lookout point in the tower of the Franciscan church, the first phase of renovation of the Mostar Peace Tower (Mostariense Pacis camapnarium) of the church of St. Petar and Pavao in Mostar was completed.

Member of the Presidency of BiH, Dragan Covic, attended the event as well as many religious leaders and personalities from the cultural, social and political life of the city of Mostar.

Thus, the tower of the Franciscan church in Mostar got a lift with which the citizens of Mostar and their guests will be able to climb to the lookout point at a height of 75 meters, with a beautiful view of the city at the foot of Velez.

The initiator of this idea is Fr. Iko Skoko, guardian of the monastery of St. Petar and Pavao in Mostar.

According to him, this is just the first stage, and the works will be continued according to planed dynamics. The second phase will be arrangement of the International Gallery of Peace, while the third stage will be the Education Center.

“This is a new tourist attraction for Mostar and it will allow visitors to see the city from above. With the Old Bridge, it will become a favorite place for tourists. We are going in the implementation of the second phase of the construction – International Gallery of Peace. There are already two sculptures and painting donated by Croatia, Greece and Italy. Now we are expecting donations from other countries that have their embassies in BiH,” said Fr. Iko Skoko.

“International Gallery of Peace” will be set up from the ground floor up to a height of 40 meters, where will be exhibited works of art on the topic “Peace”. Next to the artistic part will be flag of the country which donated that work and little legend about the artist who created that work.

The architect of the Mostar Peace Tower is Davor Smoljan.

Mostar Peace Tower is in fact the idea of Mostar Franciscan on promotion of peace and reconciliation, and it gets even greater importance and dimension by the fact that it is opened on the former separation line between the conflicts that occurred between the Army of BiH (AR BiH) and the Croatian Defense Council (HVO).


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