New Talgo Train for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championship in Mostar

After very successful cooperation over the past two years, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Railways is introducing a special talgo train for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championship competition in Mostar this year.

Competition of the most elite jumpers in the world takes place on August 23rd and 24thfrom the Old Bridge, and a special line of talgo trains is adapted for travelers from Sarajevo, so they can fully enjoy a day trip to Mostar.

Following strong demand and extremely positive reactions from passengers over the past two years, it was decided to continue the cooperation between the Federation of BiH Railways and the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championship this year and offer special conditions for passengers from Sarajevo to travel to Mostar and return to Sarajevo on the same day.

Return ticket price is 19.40 BAM. The ticket is free of charge for children up to four years old (no seating) and for children aged 4 to 12 years, the ticket price is 13 BAM and the Family package is also available: tickets for two parents (or two adults) and two children from 4 to 12 years cost a total of 42.80 BAM.

The train from Sarajevo will depart at 9:15 o’clock on Saturday, August 24thand the return from Mostar is scheduled for the same day at 19:00 o’clock.

The timetable is set to allow travelers to Mostar to arrive on time, when the Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition on the Old Bridge begins, and they are left with enough time to enjoy the town on the Neretva River.

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