New Ski Season on Kupres to start on December 15th

A new ski season in the Sports and Recreation Center “Adria-ski” on Cajusa – Kupres will start on Saturday, December 15th, was confirmed to Federal News Agency by the owner of the center Zvonko Bagaric.

According to Bagaric, final preparations for the start of the winter tourist season at the Sports and Recreation Center are currently underway.

“The hight of snow that has fallen these days, accompanied by the cool air and the air temperature that fell below zero Degrees Celsius have created favorable conditions for additional artificial snowing with the help of water cannons that this center owns,” Bagaric added.

Bagaric added that they are working in full capacity, and that there are basic prerequisites for artificial snow production and it is to be expected in a few days for slopes to be ready.

Prices of accommodation and other services are not changed significantly since last year and are more favorable than half of Europe’s ski resorts.

This ski resort has five ski lifts, a four-seater in length of 1,850 meters, a 980-meter two-seaters, two “Anchor” lifts in lengths of 1080 and 1150 meters, and a baby lift of 300 meters.


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