New Six-seater at Bjelasnica tested (VIDEO)

After the works on the vertical transportation were finished, a new six-seater was tested on Babin Do on Bjelasnica. The final test will be performed under the load of 480 kilograms before the official handover of the object, which is expected to take place on December 11.

The official opening of the ski season on Bjelasnica is expected on December 17, and a new vertical transport, as well as a system of artificial snowing, was installed together with the complete reconstruction that took place on this mountain. Considering the fact that the vertical transportation represents the “backbone” of the ski center, the key issue for the ski season has been solved, considering that the previous equipment was old and outdated.

A total of 16 million BAM was approved for this project by the Government of Canton Sarajevo. The complete electrical network has been completed as well. Three new substations were constructed and more than six kilometres of new cables were installed.

Adis Musinovic, the project manager in ZOI’84, also added that Bjelasnica will receive a modern system in accordance with the all applicable European regulations after 25 years of waiting, and thus it will be comparable with numerous ski centers throughout Europe.

“All conditions for the new season are fulfilled, the weather conditions are favourable as well, and  the season will most likely be extended until the month of April thanks to the new artificial snowing systems. Thus all ski lovers will be able to enjoy in the beauty of Bjelasnica a little bit longer,” stated Musinovic.

Take a look at the video.

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