New Sections of the Highway through BiH with Investments of 500 Million BAM

BiH highwayThe Public Enterprise “Highways of FBiH“ ensured 500 million BAM for the new investment cycle of building the 20 km of the road that should start in 2015, as confirmed from this enterprise.

“This is very important because of the he continuity of the construction. It is about two sections. 100 million euros from the European Investment Bank were ensured for the section Pocitelj – Medjugorje, 11 km long. It is about very favorable credit line intended for the infrastructural projects with the repayment period of 25 years, five years of the grace period and an interest rate of less than 1%“, as stated from the PE “Highways of the FBiH.

The most interesting object at the section Pocitelj – Medjugorje will be the bridge Pocitelj, the longest bridge at the Corridor 5C. Its length will be 945 meters and the maximum height above the ground will be 100 meters, with monolithic columns and the superstructure among the pillars of 147 meters. It will be built with the same technology as the bridge Studencica that is 500 meters long.

Other significant objects that will be built on this section are: two pipe tunnel (1.200 meters), the loop Pocitelj, the toll station Pocitelj, a connection to the main road M-17, three viaducts, three underpasses and one overpass.


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