New Rules for Parking in the City Core of Sarajevo

parkingThe government of Canton Sarajevo, on the proposal of the Ministry of Transport, adopted the Decision on establishing parking zones and decision on prices of a parking ticket in Canton Sarajevo, which, as noted from the competent ministry, are in accordance with the actual needs for using parking space.

When it comes to parking zones in relation to the previous regulation, which has been in force since 1998, the novelty is the introduction of another parking zone, the so-called “zero” zone, which includes nine streets in the city core: Asciluk, Branilaca Sarajevo, Cemalusa, Cumurija, Despiceva, Gimnazijska, Hadzi Rustica, Kulovica, Radica, Safvet beg Basagica to the streets Petke to Sagrdzije Cemerlina streets and Zelenih Beretki street.

The first zone will consist of public parking lots in the area of Canton in 74 streets of the municipality of Stari Grad and Centar, while 78 streets make Parking Zone II.

The price of parking tickets is 2 BAM for “0” and “I” parking zone per hour provided that the maximum retention in the 0 zone is limited to two hours. The price of one hour of parking in the second zone is 1 BAM.

Also, the possibility of buying daily parking tickets for street parking from 20 BAM for the first zone and 10 BAM for the second parking zone was introduced as well. Also, it is possible to buy weekly parking tickets, which for the first zone will amount to 50 BAM and for second zone 25 BAM, and this applies only to individuals.

Price of the lease of parking spaces at parking garages in Ciglane, Saraj Polje, and Dobrinja remains the same, and if an individual or legal person wants to make a monthly reservation of labeled parking places, as before, will pay 500 BAM in the first, 250 BAM in the second zone and 125 BAM in the streets that are not listed in the regulation.

The decision provides the payment of hourly parking ticket for buses and trucks depending on their size and capacity, in locations that are planned for that purpose, as said from the Press Office of CS.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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