New Route for Trebević Cable Car Donated by Switzerland

NOVA TRASA ZA TREBEVIÆKU ŽIÈARU, OPREMA IZ ŠVICARSKE DONACIJEThe Trebević cable car will be installed at a new route, with equipment donated from Switzerland.

The technical limits of the old route where it was not possible to implement the donated cable car from the Swiss ski-center Graechen and the electromechanical equipment from personal donations by Edmond Offermann condition the moving of the route. Councilors at the meeting of the City Council of Sarajevo will take place on 29 January, where they will make a declaration regarding the implementation of the project of the revitalization of the ski lifts.

The beginning of the route, as proposed, at the valley station will be moved five meters to the left of the station relative to the existing position, and the last point of the route at the mountain point Vidikovac will not move, so that at half of the route, the difference between the old and new route will be 2,5 meters.

13,94 million BAM were needed for the revitalization of the Trebević cable car. The total value of the project was reduced by the amount of the new donation of six million BAM and amounts to 7,9 million BAM. A part of the financial resources will be provided from the budget of the city of Sarajevo for 2014 and 2015, and a part through loans.

The deadlines for the implementation of the project are conditioned on the approval of the new donation, so by the end of May 2015 the station and foundation for the pillars should be ready for installation of the electromechanical equipment.

This decision, if approved at the meeting of the City Council, the city of Sarajevo, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding for the restoration of the Trebević cable car signed by the EU delegation to B&H, Canton Sarajevo, city of Sarajevo and the Sarajevo Economic Regional Development Agency (SERDA) will accede to the implementation of the project to restore the Trebević cable car.

(Source: Indikator.ba)

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