What is New in the Recreation Center “Safet Zajko”?

centerIn the Center for education, sports and recreation, “Safet Zajko” which the Municipality Novi Grad built in the former barracks, from today are in operation tennis and table tennis courts as well as alpine training park with artificial rocks for climbing.

The largest park in Sarajevo, which includes an athletic track, football stadium with artificial grass, basketball and children’s playgrounds, and numerous other attractions for children and adults, has been extended to around hectare of arranged park. It is enriched with new greenery, walking trails and park benches, as announced from the Municipality Novi Grad.

According to the Mayor of the Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo, Semir Efendic, this is the first tennis courts built by the Municipality of Novi Grad and climbing rocks that are intended for professionals and amateurs who are engaged in this kind of sport, and who will be able to perform the exercises with the professional supervision.

Climbing park consists of two artificial rocks for climbing. It will be used for training of civil protection structures, climbing, mountain and other rescue services. The entire area around the tower is fenced, and the works were performed by the company “Interming” Ltd Sarajevo. It is a unique project that the Municipality Novi Grad implemented on its area.

Center “Safet Zajko” was opened in September last year, its ambience and facilities attract large numbers of visitors. The Municipality of Novi Grad is continuously working on enriching its content.

Given the fact that the center is located in a natural environment, in the future will be built a park with artificial lakes, with accompanying flora and fauna. Planting of green areas, as well as the setting up of public lighting will be continued in the future as well.

Besides sports facilities, natural beauty and children’s parks, visitors also have two restaurants at their disposal, where they can freshen up. Recently, for toddlers is available train, and nextbike for adults.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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