New Radars in Croatia will recognize BiH Registration Plates?

Since the beginning of this year, the police in Croatia has informed the public that they will intensify their activities on the road, to prevent and sanction drivers who are driving too fast, who are drunk, untied, have a cell phone in their hands…

However, in spite of this intensified activity, this January, 17 passengers died on Croatian roads, which is five more than in last January. Last year, 331 person lost life in traffic,which is 24 more than a year earlier.

Croatian Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA), Davor Bozinovic, recently announced that in 2018, the police will invest 19.74 million HRK in speed measuring devices. Those are the funds provided by the National Road Safety Program, which plans a reduction in the number of deaths in traffic on 213, in 2020, which now seems completely unreachable. For the amount indicated by the Minister, MIA intends to purchase 29 fixed cameras to be set up at Podravska and Adriatic highways, in Dubrovnik, Metkovic, Zadar…

“These cameras will be made to simultaneously record at least six vehicles who are in the surveillance zone. But, the driver’s impression will be that 85 cameras are actually installed, because besides 29 real devices on public lighting poles, there will also be “fake” devices, or empty places where cameras will be moved if necessary. Along with the fixed cameras that will recognize the registration plates of all vehicles from the EU member states, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, the MIA will also buy 60 handheld speed measuring devices and 15 stationary ones on a tripod,which will ‘hunt’ all delicts of at least four vehicles in the surveillance zone, in both directions,“ ‘Vecernji list’ writes.


(Source: faktor.ba)


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