New Projects on Corridor 5C agreed?

corridorThe FBiH now has 92 kilometers of the highway on Corridor VC in traffic, and new 40 kilometers should be in the function by the end of 2018 . Meanwhile, 13 new projects on the Corridor 5C were defined and they will pass through the most demanding areas of BiH, as noted from the PE Highways of FBiH.

The new 40-kilometer refers to the completion of the north section Svilaj – Odzak (10.4 km), sections in the Zenica region (12 km) and 18 km in the south. Currently, there are two active construction sites in Zenica region. These are Drivusa – Klopce and Klopce – Donja Gracanica.

“We are about to sign the contract on the construction of section Medjugorje – Pocitelj. Next year, there will be a continuation of works that comprise the final phase of setting asphalt, horizontal and vertical signage on the section Svilaj – Odzak, which would be aligned with the end of the bridge on Sava River, with the expected commissioning of the traffic at the end of 2017,” as stated from this company.

The funds that were missing for the construction of the second part of Zenica bypass are now available, noted from the Highways of FBiH, and added that they made all the necessary decisions in order to start with works in the south.

“Completion of Corridor 5C is well focused for the first time. We will have a completely different traffic dimension in BiH very soon. We have defined 13 new projects on Corridor 5C, which will pass through the most demanding area of BiH. Especially interesting will be the construction of the bridge Pocitelj, which is a colossal 945 meters long building with the maximum height of 100 meters above the ground. This is one of the most complex bridges on Corridor 5C. The works will be completed within 30 months from the date of signing the contract. Tunnel Prenj, in a length of 10 kilometers, is a generational project and will represent a challenge by itself,” as noted from this company.

As part of the investment in the safety of passengers, the Highways of FBiH enabled a fire brigade.


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