New Project behind the First Grammar School

new project sarajevoBy the project “High school – garage“, which is currently in the procedure of public insight and public debate, Municipality Centar is planning a building of a sports hall and a garage which would be located near the First Grammar School.

Within the inner courtyard, there are four residential objects that are planned for demolition for needs of the construction of sports hall and underground garage.

The treatment of existing objects is rehabilitation, renovation and adaptation in the function of planned courtyard and providing a fair standard of existing housing.

It is planned that the underground garage has a capacity of 472 parking spaces on four floors. In addition to the garage, multifunctional outdoor space, sports ground, opened scene of capacity of 3.500 seats and sports hall for needs of three schools, as well as for public purposes, should be built.

Sports hall is an object that is consisted of the ground floor and the first floor. Ground floor is divided into two parts, opened public space located in the contact with an opened playground intended for public gatherings, cultural and similar events, and a closed part in the part oriented to the First Grammar School, where changing rooms are, separate for each school. In this part is also located an emergency exit from the underground garage, as well as vertical communications for a sports hall located on the first floor.

The sports hall is intended for the use of three schools, so it is divided into three parts with nets or similar flexible barriers.



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