New Non-Alcoholic Beer ‘Refresh’ From Tuzla Brewery

Refresh Kiwano‘Refresh’ is a new, refreshing, non-alcoholic carbonated drink with a kiwi flavor that is now available on the B&H market in a .25 liter (glass bottle) and in a .5 and 1.5 liter plastic bottles.

‘Refresh’ is a product that was designed and created by engineers from Tuzla Brewery, and it meets the needs and demands of the market.

Given that in recent years the company has become dominant in the wider Tuzla region and is expanding its market dominance in B&H, the new product is contributing to the expansion and satisfies the needs and desires of consumers.

The Director of Tuzla Brewery Zlatan Pejić pointed out that the brand of refreshing non-alcoholic drinks ‘ledena’, with its outstanding sales and demand, has in recent years shown that consumers believe in the quality that Tuzla Brewery offers.

‘’We have exceeded all expectations, and we have met the clearly defined requirements of the market to offer new products and in this way we are keeping pace with the world. Guided by these requirements, we produced ‘Refresh’, a refreshing and carbonated drink with a natural flavor and without artificial sweeteners’’, said Pejić.

The management of Tuzla brewery in the last few years, responding to the economic crisis, took the view that the answer to such a situation is rapid development and prosperity.

Instead of reducing jobs and reducing production, investment was launched, introduction of new products, creation of attractive design products and a different approach to the market.

Such a policy has ensured higher sales and opened the opportunity for further development, said Tuzla Brewery.

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