New Mural in BiH symbolises the Migrant journey and the desire for a better Life

The trace of the migrant population in Bosnia and Herzegovina will remain for future generations thanks to a mural on the wall in the temporary reception center Blazuj near Sarajevo, which symbolizes their journey from the country of origin to the country they dream of.

They cited this from the Danish Refugee Council, stating that murals as a form of valuable testimony of life from prehistory to the present day. From cave drawings to the street art murals of today, people have left signs of their own existence in many places around the world.

Looking at the mural in Blazuj, as they say, there is an insight into all aspects of migrants’ travel, and despite the difficulties, it is clear that the positive side of the better life that migrants dream of prevails.

“The mural was painted as part of DRC activities focused on community engagement, in collaboration with young local artists, Artolution and several migrants residing at this center, with the support of IOM BiH and Save the Children in the North West Balkans, to serve as a backdrop for meetings of community representatives and other activities within the Blazuj center “, stated the DRC.

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