New Meeting on the Introduction of Digital TV Signal to make a step forward?

broadcastingMinister of Communications and Transport of B&H, Slavko Matanović, held a meeting with representatives of the three public broadcasting services, the Management Committee of the Public Broadcasting System, and representatives of the Communications Regulatory Agency of B&H regarding the introduction of digital TV signals.

The meeting was held after a number of bilateral and multilateral meetings that were held with representatives of the Public Broadcasting Service and regulators in the past period.

By taking the action towards overcoming many years of stalemate within the process of digitalization, the Ministry presented a draft of contract that would regulate mutual rights and obligations of all three public broadcasting services in the sense of ownership, usage and maintenance of digital equipment, which has been one of the major problems in the implementation of this project so far.

All participants agreed that a step forward was made, and that after a certain processing of documents and support of the Council of Ministers, the assembly of complete equipment from the first phase of digital signals broadcasting, and its commissioning may take place.

The Ministry will, as in the previous period from the appointment of the new Council of Ministers, to continue providing technical and any other assistance to public broadcasters in order for them to overcome the current issues, as well as to fulfill international commitments that B&H took over in 2006 regarding the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting, as announced from the Ministry of Communications and Transport.

(Source: klix.ba/ Photo: oslobodjenje.ba)


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