New Meeting of Representatives of Seven B&H Political Parties on Friday

Finci-i-SejdićSenior officials of seven political parties in B&H and representatives of the European Commission spoke yesterday in Sarajevo in a five-hour meeting on the implementation of the ruling at the European Court for Human Rights in the ‘’Sejdić-Finci’’ case, and the meeting ended without a major agreement.

Representatives of the parties told reporters after the meting who were gathered in front of the EU delegation building in Sarajevo that the next meeting at an expert level will be held on Friday, 29 November.

The EU delegation said earlier that the aim of yesterday’s meeting was to solve technical issues so that the views of B&H actors would become closer in order to help B&H meet its obligations under international law and to eliminate discrimination in the selection of the Presidency of B&H and the B&H House of Peoples.

(Source: Fena)

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