New Jobs for 20 Returnees in the RS

baucentarr-300x225With the successful realization of the Turkish credit line these days, in Gornja Kalesija the work of the modern equipped Baucentar began. This is the biggest Baucenter in the region, which is part of the “Zux-4” from Kalesija. The beginning of the work on this center brought jobs for 20 returnees to the RS, mostly from the area of municipality Osmaci, as well as Zvornik.

“We are proud to present the newly opened Zux-4 Baucenter, which is one of the successful projcts implemented with Turkish loans. Despite the difficult economic situation, we were able to employ 20 people. Therefore, with the opening of new facilities, there is a need for new jobs. With this, our company has shown that it cares about the returnee population, which is one of the most vulnerable, said Director and owner of company Zux-4 Zuhdija Karić.

Zux-4 was founded in 1997 and its headquarters are in Kalesija, near the main road Tuzla-Zvornik.


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