New Investments and opening of New Workplaces in Visegrad?

Mayor of the Municipality of Visegrad Mladen Djurevic said that the opening of new workplaces in textile production and wood processing industry is expected this year in Visegrad, in agreement with their investors from Serbia.

“Two investors, who are engaged in textile production, are ready to start working. Moreover, a number of people are planned to work in a wood processing company,” said Djurevic.

He noted that he visited the president of the municipality Arilje Zoran Todorovic with the delegation of Visegrad and that they visited investors and their production plants with the aim to agree on the beginning of works in Visegrad.

“Our main goal is to keep the population in this area and to help young people and stimulate them in different ways to stay in this area, in order for them to make contributions with their knowledge to the community they live in,” noted Mayor Djurevic.

He also noted that 12 interns will start their internships in the municipality at the beginning of September and that both companies and institutions will be hiring interns from the following year in order to help young people to gain some work experience.

Zoran Miletic, the owner of the company “Put Slobode” from Pozega stated that he is planning to open textile production in Visegrad.

“I have heard that there used to be textile production in Visegrad. We are making coats, and we are planning to start working as soon as possible. We are planning to hire 20 people for the beginning,” said Miletic.

Miletic also praised the cooperation with the Municipality of Visegrad and added that they are exporting their products to Paris.


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