New Info Points at Jablanica Lake to enhance Tourism

As part of the project “Development of tourism on three lakes“, an Info Point at Jablanica Lake opened yesterday to the public. The Info point at Jablanica Lake is just one of three Info Points which will be located at strategic locations around Jablanica Lake, Lake Ramsko, and Lake Tribistovo and will provide information on tourist resources on areas covered by these three lakes.

The main goal of the project is to develop sustainable tourism in the area of three lakes, with a focus on tourism for young people, camping, sport, events, and gastronomy. All visitors who visit the Info Points will be able to gain information about accommodation, beaches, and water activities, gastronomic delights, cycling, hiking, walking and mountain landscapes, together with information about rich cultural and historical heritage and traditional events that provide an exceptional experience.

Talking about the significance of the project, Salem Dedic, Mayor of Municipality Jablanica said that this project represents a new beginning in the development of tourism in Jablanica. “We need these info points for all those who don’t have information. A lot of beautiful things has been done through this project and I expect that a nice message will be sent today”, said the Mayor.

The “Development of tourism on three lakes” project is funded by the European Union and the German Government within a large scale Programme to support local self-government and economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The total value of the Programme is 13 million euro.

Andrea Vera, Head of the Operations Section dealing with natural resources at the EU Delegation to BiH said that opening of info points is only one of the project activities. “In this project which includes three municipalities there are several good things. The first is partnership of these three municipalities, the second good thing is a joint promotion of new destinations, and third which I like the most is that this project is not focused on one activity, on one monument, but involves many things in these areas. This is a project for support to tourism and the reason it is supported by EU and German Government is tourist potential for great economic development of this country. An economically strong BiH can provide better life for its citizens”, said Mr Vera.

In order to assure better promotion and bigger visibility of the tourist resources, implementing organizations created web page, which contains all information on touristic offers and natural beauties of area around lakes.

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