New fitness sensation in B&H

BalletAerobica has been selected as the healthiest, the most efficient, and the best total body workout-fitness cardio program by the health institutions in USA. This workout is seemingly the best fitness program with great results in shaping the body.

The program of BalletAerobica is run by Dajana Zilić,a National Theater Sarajevo ballerina. She started dancing contemporary ballet in the ballet group of Gordana Magaš, where she educated herself for aerobic. She also taught ballet at the ballet studio and ballet school, and has run departments for ballet within the Art forums and the dancing and ballet studio ”Arabeska”.

BalletAerobica is a program made for all people that want to make a change in their lives. The workout sessions are organized in that way that all people, regardless of experience in this fitness program can apply and come. This program is the only one who merges techniques of classical ballet and movements that held you shape your body as you want.

All people who want to apply for these workouts have to have more than 14 years. All additional information about the application for this program is available on this web site: www.mtm.ba

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