New Facilities in the unique BH Sport & Recreation Center “Ajdinovici”

“Within the Sport & Recreation Center ‘Ajdinovici’ (SRCA),  new facilities are planned, “ it was confirmed by Amer Culov from SRCA.

It is planned to build a winter garden, which is supposed to extend the season, where guests will enjoy pleasant moments and have a buffet-based nutrition, hot drinks, homemade juices, even live music for larger organized groups.

“Besides the existing hotel restaurant with about 250 seats, the winter garden would  provide 250 additional seating places in a closed and warm area with a beautiful view of the natural environment. This will attract both local and foreign tourists, because guests expect to spend winter time in a pleasant ambient, and we will provide them more than that , “ said Culov, adding that during the winter, the accommodation facilities in the Center will be also expanded.

He explains that, there are more visitors each day, they are particularly proud of the fact that the same guests are coming back.

“All this means that we have provided a very pleasant stay for the family and friends. We are pleased with the visitation, and we are optimistic that it will grow. ‘SRCA’ is the first and only ALL INCLUSIVE center in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), with a unique vacation, entertainment, recreational offer. Guests have recognized us as an ideal oasis for family vacation, school excursions, sports preparation, parties and celebrations. More and more companies trust us to organize so-called ‘team building’, “ said Culov.

He adds that there are many plans, and all of them are related to enriching the offer within the all-inclusive arrangements.

“We are proud to host a large number of children because in cooperation with schools, kindergartens and sports clubs, we organize multi-day arrangements, excursions, summer and winter camp, and children return home satisfied, happy and bring their families the next day , “ Culov stated.



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