New Discoveries: The Nazis found Anne Frank by chance?

anne-frankAnne Frank, the Jewish girl who is known worldwide for her war diary, however, was not betrayed after all, but the Nazis found her hiding place at the end of World War II completely by chance.

This discovery is a new theory of researchers of the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam who are convinced that the Nazis conducted searches of the annex of the building where her family was hiding due to the suspected fraud with coupons for the purchase of food. Until now it was believed that her family and four other Jews were betrayed by someone who made a secret phone call to the Nazis.

Police raid at Prinsengracht 263 on that fateful 4th of August 1944 ended by sending all eight found Jews in the concentration camp Auschwitz in then-occupied Poland. From the entire family survived only Anne’s father, while she died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945 when she was only 15 years old. The Nazis were defeated just a few weeks after her death.

In her diary was mentioned the arrest of two people who illegally distributed coupons for food, and whose company was located in the same building. These illegal activities were possible the reason of fateful raid for the family Frank.

The analysis of police reports and court documents also revealed that the police officers who discovered Anne and the others were not employed on finding the Jews, but they dealt with cases that involved money, securities and jewelry. Moreover, they stayed in the building for more than two hours, which is much longer than they would need for the arrest of hidden people in the annex of the building.

Other evidence shows that the people associated with this address were punished by Nazis for avoiding work duty.

It has never been really established that a person actually betrayed Anne Frank and her family to the Nazis.


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