Neum to welcome the Summer Season with more than 20,000 Beds

Neum is ready to welcome the summer season, and the last preparations on the arrangement of the city, beaches, promenades and accommodation capacities are currently taking place. They expect for this year to be more successful than the previous one, in which were achieved some great results.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Neum, Zivko Matusko, said that the works in the municipality are considerably larger than in the previous years.

“This makes us very happy, as well as our guests, i.e. tourists,” said Matusko.

“Our obligations are increasing with the arrival of a large number of guests in Neum. Everyone knows what to do during the preparation of the tourist season, but the Municipality is conducting all the projects,” noted Mayor Matusko, and added that they started a large number of important projects this year.

He especially noted the construction of the road Neum – Stolac.

Mayor also stated that the hotels are already full, and the most numerous guests, apart from domestic ones, are tourists from Austria, Germany, France, Korea and other countries.

Neum is the only BH exit to the Adriatic Sea. It has long and warm summers and short mild winters. Moreover, it belongs to the coastal places with the greatest number of sunny days.

Neum has more than 20,000 beds in the category of hotels, as well as in resorts and private accommodation. The current accommodation capacities are enough if we consider the size of the municipality and its tourist potential. This town also offers the healthcare center, post office, banks and small private restaurants, as well as a large number of shops.







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