Nedzad Husic from BiH is the European U21 Champion in Olympic Taekwondo

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has got the European Championin Olympic Taekwondo under 21. After five fights, the best BiH taekwondo player Nedzad Husic won the gold medal with a victory in the finals over the representative of Denmark with 21:11.

Husic defeated the representatives of Turkey with 38:20, France with 33: 7, Germany with 40:13, and Russia with 24:22. In the finals, he managed to defeat the taekwondo player from Denmark.

Apart from Husic, on the second day of the European Taekwondo Championship held in Tallinn, the national team of BiH had seven competitors.

Ejla Makas got the bronze medal, who, after being free in the first round, defeated the representative of Croatia in the second round with 25:20, and with a defeat of 16:18 from the representative of Russia, she finally won a bronze medal.

Hena Melez was defeated by the representative of Spain with result of 13:15, after which Nino Seremet had his performance, who was defeated by the representative of Ukraine with 18:24. Petra Zdero played against the representative of Moldova and was defeated with the result 9:12.

Emina Visnjic defeated the representative of Latvia with 17:15, after which she surrendered in the fight for the medal against the representative of Ukraine with the result 2:23, while Nihada Hodzic was better than the Pole with 7:6, after which she was defeated with 12:10 by Turkey.

Ahmed Mukaca was defeated in the category up to 33 kilograms by the representative of Germany with result 1:34.

Today, the fights will continue in which our country will have the opportunity for new medals, the Taekwondo Federation of BiH announced.

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