Nedzad Besic from Switzerland found Photos of his killed Father and Uncle in the Great Park in Sarajevo

Photographs of 3,176 victims of Prijedor massacre were exhibited in the Great Park in Sarajevo, and each of the 3,176 photographs speaks a destiny and story, and Nedzad Bešić, a man from Kozarac, carries one of these deep inside.

Besic lives in Switzerland, Basel, and he is visiting Sarajevo, and even though he did not know about the exhibition, and when he was looking at the city, he was welcomed by 3,176 names and photographs of their fellow citizens.

He quickly found his father, Suad Besic, who was taken from home on July 28, 1992, when Nedzad was still small.

“I see the photograph of my father and his brother. I’m so sorry and sad for the loss, and I’m sorry to be standing next to these photos, but I’m glad to see their face in Sarajevo as well. It’s just that this evil will never be forgotten and never happened again, “says Besic for the Patria news agency.

“Everything in my life connects me to Kozarac,” Besic points out.

“31st May is a painful point in my life. I heard a lot of stories about my father who was killed in Omarska concentration camp. I know he was for a long time in the White House. A few months ago, I found my uncle who was only 23 years old when disappeared, “Besic added.

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