Natural Beauty Suitable for Relaxation and Adrenaline Sports

DIGITAL CAMERASince the creation of the national park ‘Una’ two years ago, tens of thousands of visitors have been recoded. According to official data, 11,000 visitors last year bought tickets, and it is pointed out that the total number of visitors was twice as much because a large part of the national park is free for visitors.

The park stretches along the valley of the river Una until the river Krka in the west. For all those who wish to visit this national part, the first entrance from the direction of Bihać is above the Ripački gorge in Gorjevac, the second from the direction of Dubovsko towards Kulen-Vakuf, then the direction from Orašce towards Ćeliji and from the direction of Sarajevo to Vrtoča.

Most tourists enjoy the visitors zone Štrbački buk – Lohovo and Martinbrod. In addition to this, there is great interest for Kulen-Vakuf, which is surrounded by old cities Havala and Ostrvica.

Amarildo Mulić, the Director of the national park ‘Una’, said that in these zones in the next period they will begin work on the footpaths.

“the number of visitors increases everyday, and the offers are firstly based on adrenaline tourism such as rafting, kayaking on white waters as it passes through the national park in one of the most attractive and most beautiful parts, from Štrbački buk to Lohovo, which is 13 kilometers long. Fishing tourism is developed on the river Unac, and there is hiking, cycling, mountain climbing and photography, which allows for the full experience of nature’’, explained Mulić.

He said that in the picnic zone Štrbački buk a buffet will soon be opened, which would enrich the offer of food and drinks.

“By the end of the month, panoramic vehicles will be available to tourists, as well as transport for visitors to the visitor zone. We will soon receive a minibus with 17 seats, which will transport people to the national park’’, said Mulić.

Not far from the national park, in a village called Vrtoča near Bosanski Petrovac is the ethno-village “Čardaklije”. The house is decorated in old Bosnian style, with food and drinks made in a traditional way. Visitors could enjoy horse riding, horse-drawn wagons, carriage rides, hiking, and they could see old crafts such as weaving or forging.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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