Natron-Hayat is planning 120 million EUR worth Investment

The successful industrial tradition in Maglaj was continued by the factory of cellulose and paper Natron-Hayat, which used to be the largest manufacturer in the Balkans.

“The parent company has invested more than 100 million EUR so far. We are planning to invest a total of 120 million EUR. Our first goal is to increase the production capacity of cellulose to 120,000 tons a year,” said the Managing Director of Natron-Hayat Ltd. Maglaj, Mehmed Eray Nasoz.

“Processing wood into paper has multiple economic values. It is processed five times, which means that it yields profit five times. But the most important thing is that you have the raw material in order to ensure production,” noted Nasoz.

The image of Maglaj, which is known after its wood industry, is changed with the operation of a textile company that is placing its products throughout Europe. They procure their raw materials from Austria and Italy.

“Our shirts and blouses are represented from Slovenia, and much further. We are planning negotiations with Scandinavia in the upcoming period, and the segment of working equipment will cover Austrian, Swiss and German markets,” stated Senajid Husic, the owner of Bontex Ltd.

From the Municipality of Maglaj announced new investments and workplaces. That is the main goal of the amendments to the Development Strategy.




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