NATO is Ready to Lend Support to BIH At Time Of Natural Disasters

bih-nato (1)The BIH Ministry of Security is the host and organizer of the NATO seminar on the topic “State Support-Host of International Program of Support in Cases of Catastrophes-Challenges and Perspectives”, which is being held in Sarajevo.

This is an important gathering of experts in the field of protection from disaster from 30 member states of NATO and partner programs of the EU, UN and the OSCE, in which experts from BiH are participating, representatives of various ministries and agencies from our country.

In his address to participants, Deputy Minister of Security of BIH Mladen Ćavar said that BIH is on the path to full NATO membership and that, in accordance with that, is strongly committed to develop the capabilities for establishing an environment of safety.

“No country in disaster situations can respond to the great consequences of floods, fires, pandemics and other infections in disease emergencies, and often resulting in a situation where, having exhausted their resources, must first seek help from neighbors and the wider international community’’, said Ćavar.

Seminar participants exchanged experiences and provided concrete examples of the challenges in the provision of support in times of disaster.

“Whenever BiH requests assistance from NATO, help will follow, if there is a natural disaster and if the BIH government declare that they need help’’, said the Chairman of the Group for Civil Protection of NATO Ragnar Boe, and announced by the BIH Ministry of Security.

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