NATO: ANP is an Important Step in the Partnership between BiH and NATO

In December 2018, NATO’s Headquarters in Brussels sent a call to Bosnia and Herzegovina to submit its first Annual National Program (ANP) only as “the next important step in the partnership between BiH and NATO”, is quoted in the NATO Staff Staff’s Annual Gazette in a national plan published on NATO’s Facebook.

The ANP is a technical document, a list of reform priorities and goals that BiH prepares, helping to guide the reform processes and activities, which can help BiH to make progress on effective defense and security capabilities, better response to natural disasters, greater interoperability with NATO members and partners.

“NATO fully recognizes the sovereignty and independence of the country,” the statement states.

“It is on Bosnia and Herzegovina, to adopt the decision on the call and submit its first Annual National Program,” it was stated by NATO Headquarters Sarajevo.

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