National Museum of BiH marks its 133rd Birthday

The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrates its 133rd birthday and is open on this occasion from 10 am to 9 pm, free of charge for all interested.

The Museum previously reminded of the continuous struggle for the work and survival of the National Museum of BiH, which has been going on for several years. However, the museum is still facing many old and new challenges.

The celebration of February 1, the day when the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded, is a traditional event during which visitors are offered a large number of content for all audiences.

The director of the National Museum, Mirsad Sijaric, said that this year’s celebration of the museum’s birthday took place in a pandemic and that it was necessary to adapt to the situation. On the occasion of the 133rd birthday, two temporary exhibitions were organized, one in the Department of Natural Sciences, and it concerns wild orchids whose goal is to point out the endangerment of orchids.

The second exhibition is organized at the Department of Ethnology, which deals with the issue and tradition, history and social repercussions of the use of coffee and tobacco in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Department of Ethnology presented their engagement on the protection of textile items, collecting oral material and documentation, preservation of craft products and many other segments of the culture of life in the 19th and 20thcenturies.

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