National Basketball Team of BiH celebrated in Armenia

August 21, 2017 7:00 AM

The National basketball team of BiH won in the last round of pre-qualifications for the World Cup in Armenia with the score 83:66.

With the new victory, the national team of BiH qualified for the qualification round of the World Cup, which will be held in China in the year of 2019.

Our basketball players opened the match and they achieved the advantage of 6 points after only four minutes. However, the Armenians woke up on the wings of Boatright as well, so the first quarter finished with the advantage of hosts.

Our defense played a bit better in the second quarter and our players managed to reverse the result. The most effective player in our selection was Musa with 10 points. The national team of BiH went to break with the score 44:41.

Our basketball players managed to keep the three-point advantage in the third quarter of the match. The most effective was Boatright in the selection of Armenia and Musa in our selection.

Our young representatives played the fantastic fourth quarter and finally reached a convincing victory.

The most effective in our team was Musa with 21 points. He was supported by Tomic and Atic who achieved 16 and 15 points. The best in the ranks of hosts was Boatright with 22 points.

It should be noted that the National team of BiH traveled to Armenia without their selector Dusko Vujosevic, who, due to serious health issued, was advised to avoid traveling. He needs treatment of his left leg in order to avoid serious consequences.

Our selection ended pre-qualifications with four victories and two defeats, and they shared the first place with the team of Sweden.

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