Naser Oric released Yesterday

naserAs Manuela Hodzic, a spokeswoman of the B&H Court confirmed, Naser Oric was released yesterday.

At the proposal of a prosecutor, prohibition measures are requested for Oric, including a restriction of his movement and the residence of the suspect, a ban of the contact with witnesses and suspects in the case, and a periodic reporting to the relevant police authority.

The prosecutor estimated that the proposed measures are enough to ensure undisturbed conduction of the proceedings.

In  a case of a non-compliance with the proposed prohibition measures, a proposal for his stay in a detention house could be initiated.

As confirmed from the B&H Court, the first hearing in this case should be held on Monday already.

Naser Oric arrived with a special flight to Sarajevo yesterday, where Border police took him over. With strong security measures, he was transported from Sarajevo Airport to the Prosecutor’s Office of B&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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