NASA Competition in BiH: Scientists presenting Robots, Applications, Solar Panels…

NASAThis weekend, Tuzla is the host of the NASA Space Apps Challenge competition, which is held in BiH for the first time. The aim of this competition is that creative teams or individuals share their ideas with which they are trying to solve real problems related to the universe and the Earth.

The two-day competition was preceded by Data Bootcamp that was held a week ago, which was a preparatory event during which the participants had the opportunity to meet the challenges that NASA placed in front of them this year.

“A local jury will choose two of the best solutions from Tuzla, which will be presented on a global platform. After that, NASA’s jury will choose the best six solutions on a global level in seven days “, said Tanja Madzarevic, the local organizer of the competition for BiH.

Participants are divided into five groups to offer solutions to NASA’s challenges.

One of the groups, the challenge of “Planetary Blues-Water, Water, Everywhere!” from Tuzla, brings the possibility to early detect floods with the help of internet applications, which would result in saving human lives and reduce of damages.

If the application does not get NASA’s green light, it still can be implemented at the local level, and according to current solution, that refers to the environment of Tuzla, Doboj, Lukavac, Gracanica and Zivinice.

Participants of this year’s Space Apps Challenge are using data about our planet that NASA is collecting for years in an effort to learn as much as possible about the Earth and its components, including the oceans, land and living things.

The Space App Challenge is the space where NASA gives the opportunity to everyone interested in becoming part of these scientific research and helping in solving global challenges.

For solving the challenges, participants are able to use robotics, hardware, design, data manipulation and other methods and technologies.

(Source: A. K./Klix.ba)

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