Names of those responsible during the Pandemic in Bosnia will be mentioned for Hundreds of Years

”A year has passed since the beginning of the pandemic and during that time we could all, including our politicians, prepare for what is to come, ” said virologist Sukrija Zvizdic as a guest on BHT1 Live.

When it comes to vaccination, Zvizdic stressed that this process is not going smoothly in Europe either, for instance, in Croatia, there is more resentment than enthusiasm due to many lapses. As he mentioned, we can say that only Serbia has success in the realization of the vaccination program, and as for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), I think that no one is satisfied and this situation does not surprise anyone.

“Since this is a respiratory viral infection that is known in the history of medicine, and since medicine is familiar with how it will be developed and how will it end, it was known that vaccines should be provided in time, the vaccination process should be organized, so that after about two years of this pandemic, we could come out alive and healthy “, Zvizdic stated.

He pointed out that even at the beginning of the pandemic, he expected that this virus would be remembered and that it would be talked about for the next hundred years.

“In the next few hundred years, people will mention the names of those who are responsible and competent during this pandemic in BiH, whether they have done something good or bad. I expected that this will be one of the fastest spreading viruses in the history of medicine, coronavirus, ” noted this virologist.

He thinks that unnecessary media emphasis was placed on the emergence of new strains of coronavirus, without it having a great impact on the spread and outcome.

“This still remains a coronavirus, which naturally mutates in its way,” Zvizdic concluded.

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